Thursday, March 15, 2007

[Denmark] PhD Student/Doctoral Fellowships at The Danish Centre for Epigenetics

The Danish Centre for Epigenetics is seeking highly motivated and skilled co-workers for an ambitious research programme aimed at identifying and understanding the significance of chromatin modifications, the protein complexes catalysing the modifications and the upstream regulatory signalling networks in epigenetic regulation of gene expression.

Objectives include:
  • Proteomic analyses of chromatin modification
  • Identification of epigenetic regulators catalyzing, binding or removing specific histone modifications
  • Genome-wide mapping of histone modifications and epigenetic regulators
  • Unravelling signal transduction pathways impinging on chromatin-associated proteins

The Danish Centre for Epigenetics includes 4 groups headed by:
  • Professor Kristian Helin (director), BRIC, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Ole Nørregaard Jensen, University of Southern Denmark
  • Associate professor Morten Frödin, BRIC, University of Copenhagen
  • Associate professor Anders H. Lund, BRIC, University of Copenhagen

The Danish Centre for Epigenetics was established on a grant from the Danish National Research Foundation. For information on project details, open positions and contact persons, please visit

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