Thursday, March 1, 2007

[Germany] PhD position at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR) in Kiel

A three years Ph. D. position is available in the DFG-project "Interactions of the tropical Indian Ocean and the tropical Atlantic Ocean with ENSO" (keyword: TROIA)

The IFM-GEOMAR is one of the world wide leading institutes for marine and climate science. The institute has one of its main research foci on the role of the ocean in the climate system and on natural, past, present and future climate change. The IFM-GEOMAR has an interdisciplinary research environment with more then 200 researchers from all over the world. The project is part of the research group of Prof. Mojib Latif and Prof. Dietmar Dommenget, which has a lively, active and international atmosphere.

We are looking for a person, which is highly motivated and has a very good master, Diploma or equivalent degree in physics, mathematics, oceanography, meteorology or equivalent. The projects focuses on the interaction between the tropical Indian and Atlantic Ocean with the El Niño / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) mode. The ENSO mode is the most dominant mode of natural climate variability on interannual time scales. The project shall make a contribution to a better understanding and prediction of the ENSO mode. The study shall focus on model simulations with complex atmosphere-ocean general circulation models running on supercomputers, analysis of observed and simulated data and the development of simple conceptual models.

Candidates should be interested in working with model simulations, statistical analysis and should be interested in the development of simple theoretical models. Requirements for the candidate are a very good physical/mathematic al understanding, interest in programming and a high motivation for an independent and creative study.

The Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences is an equal opportunity employer and encourages female scientists and scientists with disabilities to apply. Applications of handicapped persons will be favoured when all other qualifications are equal.

Applications should be sent no later than 1. April 2007 under the keyword "TROIA" to

Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschafte n
Wischhofstraß e 1-3
D-24148 Kiel
Email :,

For further information please contact
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Dommenget
Email :

or open the following link:

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