Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[Ireland] PhD Scholarship in Finance at Trinity College Dublin

Graduate fellowships in Finance are available at the School of Business and Institute for International Integration Studies at Trinity College Dublin. The project involves Mathematical and econometric modelling of international mergers and acquisitions using variants of predator-prey models; evaluating the timing and duration of aggregate international merger and acquisition waves using regime- switching and related models; modelling of hazard and duration functions for m&a payoffs; modelling the dynamics of the bidding process.

Candidates will register for a PhD and work on an aspect of the above project. A scholarship of up to €12,500 per annum for up to three years is available.

A masters degree in finance, mathematical finance, mathematics or econometrics is essential. Experience with matlab, gauss or RATS is a plus.

For further information please contact Dr Brian Lucey, email:

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