Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The International Priority Graduate Program (PGP) - Ritsumeikan University [Japan]

Deadline: 2 March 2007

The Monbukagakusho offers scholarships to international students with recommendations from their host universities, under the following guidelines:


  1. Applicants must be graduate students who will newly enter Japan for the purpose of study.
  2. Nationality
    Applicants must have nationality of a country that is recognized by the Japanese government as of April 1, 2007.
  3. Age
    Applicants must be those born on or after April 2, 1972 .
  4. Educational Qualifications
    Applicants must have obtained educational qualifications of at least the level of an undergraduate degree.
  5. Major Fields
    Applicants must specialize in the field that they have majored in at their home university or its related field, and which must be a field in which the applicant can receive supervision and guidance at the institution where the applicant has been admitted.
  6. Language
    All courses at this program are conducted in English. Applicants must possess suitable English proficiency.
  7. Health
    Applicants must be in both good physical and mental health.
  8. Arrival in Japan
    Applicants must arrive in Japan on the date designated by the host institution between October 1 and 7, 20 07. Neither travel allowances nor lump-sums will be provided in case when travel to Japan is not possible between the designated dates.
  9. Application Deadline
    Ritsumeikan will undertake preliminary screening of applications prior to forwarding them to the Monbukagakusho (including other documents prepared by the university). Completed applications must be submitted with all necessary documents to the Ritsumeikan University Office of International Education at Biwako Kusatsu Campus (address written below) by March 2, 2007 . Fax is also acceptable, however all original documents must arrive at the Office of International Education, Kinugasa Kusatsu Campus by the above date.

Application Mailing Address :
Office of International Education at Biwako-Kusatsu Campus
Ritsumeikan University 1-1-1 Nojihigashi, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577 JAPAN
Tel. +81-77-561-3946
Fax. +81-77-561-3956


1) Amount
170,000 yen per month (subject to change)

2) Tuition Fees
This scholarship does not provide financial assistance towards payment of tuition fees, however Ritsumeikan University will exempt students from tuition fees.

3) Travel Allowances <
(a) Travel expenses for coming to Japan
An economy class air ticket from the international airport closest to the present address of the student to the New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) will be furnished (or to the closest international airport to the university where the student has been admitted, if this is financially more viable for Monbukagakusho). In the case that the student arrives at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, and the cost is more than the cost to Tokyo, the student will be required to pay the difference.

(b) Travel expenses for returning home
At the conclusion of the term of the scholarship, an economy class air ticket shall be provided from New Tokyo International Airport (or from the closest international airport to the university where the student has been admitted, if this is financially more viable for Monbukagakusho) to the international airport closest to the place of the student’s residence ( in the country in which the student holds citizenship), in the case that the student plans to return home by the designated date.

4) Term of scholarship payment


  • 2007 Application form
  • 2007 Application form2 (Titled as: Attachment)
  • Field of Study and Study Program (Description of Major field of study and research planning. Additionally, within the Research plan column, summarize / outline a detailed plan for proposed theme of final thesis.)
  • Application Questionnaire
  • Certificates of completion or certificates/letters stating expected graduation date of programs and academic degrees awarded by undergraduate or graduate schools (copy)
  • Academic transcripts issued by undergraduate or graduate schools attended ( to be attached with a clear indicator, such as GPA or specific rank order.) (copy)
  • Copy of the student's family or citizen register in the home country. If such a certificate cannot be obtained, a birth certificate is also acceptable (copy)
  • Recommendations by the dean or a person of higher position at the applicant’s school or institution (to be addressed to the President of Ritsumeikan University, Japan)(original)
  • Three (3) photographs of the student (taken within 6 months, 6x4 cm, from the waist up, full faced, no hats or caps on and including the student's name and nationality on the reverse side, one to be pasted on the designated spot on each form)
  • Summary of thesis written for degree most recently completed (applicant to attach with application)
  • Proof of linguistic talent/practical expertise (e.g., TOEFL, TOEIC)

    1) All documents must be written in English or Japanese on A4 sized paper (Please attach translations in English or Japanese if the documents are in another language. Typed documents will be preferred.).
    2) Documents submitted with the application will not be returned to the applicant.
    3) Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
    4) Interviews (by Internet, e-mail) will be conducted by at least three instructors belonging to the applicant’s desired specialty / course and the interviews will be conducted about three times by each instructor.

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