Sunday, February 11, 2007

International Student Undergraduate Scholarsphips at Georgia College

About Georgia College
Located just south of Atlanta and only a few hours from the Atlantic coast, Georgia College & State University is recognized as one of the foremost public liberal arts universities in the United States. Nearly 150 international students from 50 countries are currently enrolled, and Georgia College is widely recognized for the quality support it gives to international students.

Most international students have found this personal attention helpful in preparing for graduate study at internationally renowned institutions such as Columbia University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as for meaningful and rewarding employment in major corporations and institutions worldwide such as Bosch and the Harvard Medical School.

Many of our undergraduates receive the International Student Scholarship, and nearly all graduate students receive some type of assistanship. We hope to encourage academically outstanding students to apply for this financial aid.

Undergraduate Financial Aid

International Student Scholarships (ISS)
These scholarships are awarded as either a full out-of-state tuition waiver or a half out-of-state tuition waiver, and are awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic ability, evidence of extracurricular involvement and financial need. To be considered for the ISS, applicants must have on file a completed application for admission and completed ISS application by the stated deadline. Those international students who have not been awarded an ISS prior to attendance at GCSU can compete once a year for a limited number of available ISSs. Applications for the International Student Scholarship are included in the International Student Undergraduate Application for Admission form. Click here to download the application.

Scholarships for Incoming Freshman
Students who are admitted by February 1 are automatically considered for most academic scholarships. Those students who apply by November 1 are given preference. The selection process is highly competitive. For more information, click here.

Athletic Scholarships
Students eligible to play on one of the GCSU intercollegiate athletic teams (tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, golf, or cross country) may qualify for athletic scholarships. Interested students should contact the appropriate athletic coach. See the athletic Web site.

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